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CAL Slide-Lok - Sliding Patio Door Lock for Double Doors

  • Product Code: LCAL / LCALD001

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CAL Slide-Lok - Sliding Patio Door Lock for Double Doors

Unique Swordfish Security Bolt

The CAL Slide-Lok with double swordfish-bolt works by securing the door to the frame at two security points and preventing any movement of the door. With its double locking action, the CAL double-bolt lock makes it virtually impossible to remove the door by lifting off its track. It now comes with a key locking function for extra security.

Can be used as a secondary or primary locking system on glass sliding doors. The lock can be mounted above the existing door lock to be out of children's reach or below the existing door lock to be within children's reach. 
This product is easy to install and comes complete with fixing screws, and a double door keep, to allow easy installation on all types of sliding doors. We have keeps for both flushed double doors and step mullion doors, please see the listing options and images  to make sure you’re ordering the right product for you. Instructions can also be downloaded from this website. If you have any questions or require further assistance, don’t hesitate to call us or send us an email.  

The lock includes a finger handle, but it can also be combined with a bigger, sturdier handle in matching colour, that can be bolted on top of the lock for easier operation. Our range includes a slightly different version for single sliding doors, with or without the handle. Please see the related listings on our bottom of the page if the product you require is slightly different to the one shown here. 

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