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Roto Centro Drive Gear Replacement Gearbox

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Roto Centro Drive Gear Replacement Gearbox

The ideal solution for the repair of old and no longer available window gears.
The gear shells are connected with metric screws, so you do not need a rivet or something similar, a PH1 bit or screwdriver.
Please note that the hole bar in which the gear engages is still usable. Should it wear out badly, the gear can no longer grasp them properly and move reliably.

- Suitable for Roto Centro 100 and Centro 101 gear backset 14.5 mm
- Non Handed
- The screw housings are supplied with center fixing as mounting aid. That is, the gears are fixed for mounting in the rotational position. After installation, a breakage point breaks during initial operation and the gearbox can be used freely.

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