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Mila Fearless 4 Hook Inline Sliding Patio Door Lock

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Mila Fearless 4 Hook Inline Sliding Patio Door Lock 

Fearless 4 Hook inline sliding patio gear is a high security patio system. The one-piece Fearless lock not only reduces fabrication times but its two pairs of outward opposing twin hooks, when driven into their dedicated steel one-piece striker, prevent the leaf from being lifted out of its frame either upwards or downwards.

- Twin opposing hooks for security
- Static anti-lift bolt which also serves as a precise means of locating the striker piece
- Mis-handling device on the lock prevents operation of the hooks until the door is fully closed meaning that hooks cannot be accidentally slammed against the striker
- For additional stability and security a one-piece universal striker is supplied
- One piece striker is manufactured from steel and is mounted on the frame through the use of profile related packers
- Packers are available to suit most major inline patio systems