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Airplus 1.1 Positive Input Ventilation

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Airplus 1.1 Positive Input Ventilation

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Positive input ventilation is ideal for existing properties which are suffering from condensation problems. The Airplus 1.1 system works by introducing fresh air in from a ventilated loft space, filtering it and supplying it through a property via a single diffuser located in a central hallway. This positive air movement causes the polluted air to be forced out through vents or via the natural leakage points within the building’s envelope. Air from loft spaces is generally 3 degrees warmer than the atmosphere and will require less energy to heat rooms to the desired temperature. The positive input ventilation systems reduce condensation and mould growth by sending clean fresh air throughout the building.
- Long life filter
- Automatic boost facility
- In-take air temperature control
- 3p per day running costs (approx)
- Retro-fit diffuser (125mm diameter)
- Can be floor or suspend mounted