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Simplefit Cord Restrictor with Base Plate

  • Product Code: NWHBSCR

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Simplefit Cord Restrictor with Base Plate

This cord restrictor has a base plate fitting to enable it to be fitted underneath your window handle for a neater finish. 
The cable length of this restrictor is 200mm.
Operation of this restrictor is very simple, the bullet is, attached to the cable, is pushed into the lock body (B), then pull the cable to confirm engagement. The cable can be released by pushing the button and withdrawing the bullet when required. The button can be turned with the key to ensure that the button stays in the locked position if required. When in the locked position the button will not depress. The unique feature of this restrictor allows the bullet to engage in the lock body even if the button is in the locked position.
Comes with 2 keys.

Technical Details:
Assemby tested : 3mm 7x7 Galvanised MBL 580 kgs Steel, Cable pulled across cutting hole with 10N force.
Free issue punch applying force of 100N/second up to maximum loading of 3600N - Result: Cable crushed but not broken by testing device.
3mm 7x7 Galvanised Steel Cable, PVC to 5mm free issue end terminals hexagon swaged at each end.
Proof load tested using calibrated 20,000 kg test machine grip 1005. Initial test to 200N held for 1 minute then locking mechanism checked.
Second test to 500N held for 1 minute then locking mechanism checked.
Final test to 2kN held for 1 minute then locking system checked - All tests passed.

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