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Simplefit Sash Espag Repair Kit with Keeps

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Simplefit Sash Espag Repair Kit with Keeps 

These sash repair kits with keeps can be used for the repair of most similar locking espags using your existing keeps or the retro-fit keeps included. This mushroom espag can even be used to replace roller espags. The espag rod provided is an 8-in-1 espag rod, which comes in a 1000mm length and can be used as an inline or an offset rod with the addition of a packer (as shown on the picture). 

This kit is the ideal van stock for trade customers, or for that confident DIYer to repair his windows.

- Inline & Offset All-In-One

- 16mm & Slimline 13mm options

- 2 Backsets

- 3 Keeps per rod 

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