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Kenrick Centurion Fast Fit Gearbox

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Kenrick Centurion Fast Fit Gearbox


Centurion Fast-Fit is an adaptable locking system providing high levels of security while still remaining cost effective.

Available in various non-croppable lengths with two backsets and up to 8 locking points, Centurion Fast-Fit allows window fabricators of any size the opportunity to market a high value finished product at a cost effective price.


Features & Benefits:

-Simple to install

-Steel shootbolts

-4-8 Locking points

-Available in 20mm and 22mm backset gearbox

-Robust unhanded die-cast gearbox

-Non crop shootbolts

-Profile related keeps with night vent facility

-Tested to 100,000 cycles

-Minimum of 240 hours salt spray testing exceeding BSEN 1670:2007