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NWH Boxed Repair Locks - 2 Hooks 2 Rollers + Keeps

  • Product Code: NWHBX2H2R16

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NWH Boxed Repair Locks - 2 Hooks 2 Rollers + Keeps

This 2 hooks 2 rollers repair lock is a 3 piece repair lock which comes at a metre long box along with keeps, making it easy to store and to transport. It is ideal for trade counters and repair vans. There are more additional products associated with this type of repair lock, you can either have an One Piece Keep to cover damage on the door when you're changing lock type, or shootbolts* for extra security, just choose the corresponding product on the options section. 

Technical Details:
Faceplate: 16mm
Locking Points: 2 hooks 2 rollers
Comes together with keeps

To view a video of how to fit this lock, click on the link:

*Shootbolts will vary

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