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Gate Locks

Aluminium Gate CatcherThe adjustable catch hook can easily be reversed. The stop rubber and polyamide catch hook avoid damaging the gate fence. Very fast and strong fixing in concrete. Catches gateframes from 40mm till 60mm. Simple height adjustment of 40mm.- Aluminium silver coated chassis- Anchori..
Inc. Tax: £69.00
Compact 2-way Adjustment 180° Surface Mounted HingeCompact 2-way Adjustment 180° Surface Mounted Hinge with a powder-coated aluminium housing. Its 180° opening angle together with its vertical and horizontal adjustability make the hinge flexible. Simple to install thanks to the Quick-Fix fastening s..
Inc. Tax: £24.26
Compact Hydraulic Gate Closerfits every gate situationCompact Hydraulic Gate Closer is fit for every possible gate situation. The powdercoated aluminium housing combines an handsome look with a spotless functioning for many years.- Suitable for any gate installation- For gates up to 75KG/1.1MM ..
Inc. Tax: £202.72
Gatemaster Double Throw Latch DeadlockA traditional latch deadlock, for use when the gate requires handles. Perfect for use in traditional wrought iron gate designs, weld the case into the gate frame.  After the gate has been galvanized and painted the lock mechanism simply slides into the case..
Inc. Tax: £0.01
Hydraulic 180° Gate Closer & HingeHydraulic 180° Gate Closer & Hinge is an elegant and powerful self-closing gate closer for 180° gate situations, perfectly fit for heavy gates up to 150 kg. It is equipped with a double bearing for an extremely comfortable functionality. The Active Thermal S..
Inc. Tax: £297.42
Industrial Gate Lock To Suit Box Section 30-50mmIndustrial Gate Lock with aluminium housing and stainless steel mechanism. We advise this lock as a standard for all your industrial gates. The 20 mm continuous adjustability of the bolts allows a perfect alignment of your locking mechanism. ..
Inc. Tax: £92.56
Keydrop Lockable DropboltKeydrop Lockable Dropbolt interchangeable with the standard VSA-VSF Dropbolts. This product enables you to lock the dropbolt in open or closed position.-Lockable dropbolt with cylinder-Same drilling pattern as VSF and VSA-Possibility to work  with same key as gatelock-H..
Inc. Tax: £37.85
Keypad SlimstoneKeypad Slimstone keypad with integrated LED lighting is unique in its kind thanks to its strength. The keypad was developed and tested for use in the most extreme weather conditions to guarantee access control in all circumstances. Assembly and mounting are very easy.- Integrate..
Inc. Tax: £118.90
Mechanical Code Locksuit 30mm to 50mm box sectionMechanical code lock with aluminium housing and stainless steel mechanism. The mechanical code lock requires no batteries nor electricity, which makes it very easy to equip any gate with access control. The 20mm continuous adjustability of the bolt al..
Inc. Tax: £351.50
Surface Mounted DropboltStandard dropbolts with the innovative Quick-Fix fixing. The dropbolt is auto-locked between the gate wings after closing the gate.- Aluminium pin- Aluminium head block and casing- For square profiles 40 x 40 mm or more- Height adjustability of the dropbolt: 100 mm- Throw: 14..
Inc. Tax: £27.04
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