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CAL Magic Corner Joints

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CAL Magic Corner Joints

- Easy to install
- Strong Connection
- No Corrosion

CAL magic corners are the most cost-effective secure corner joint in the market. Very easy to use, as they don’t need specific measured holes on the profiles in order to function. A small cut on the edge of each profile just for the allen key to be inserted and tightened is enough. The corner grabs and tightens both profiles, and at the same time aligns them.

Tested in ROSENHEIM, it’s proved that a medium sized Magic Corner can withstand 400KN without glue.

Using Magic Corners the profiles look better, as no holes are drilled. Even In case of a mistake, it’s easier to resize the profiles, as no specially measured holes were drilled. Magic Corners allow faster and easier installation because they don’t need a precise machine for the cuts. They come in one piece, which means that glue can be used together with the magic corner for enhanced strength. 

Bespoke sizes depending on profile, please email Don at or call us on 0161 406 0077