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Mila Old Style 3PLACEIT Lock - 2 Roller 2 Mushroom

  • Product Code: NWH2R2M3516-MLA

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Mila Old Style 3PLACEIT Lock - 2 Roller 2 Mushroom

Fits in existing keeps & includes fitting instructions!

3PLACEIT ⚡️ Giving you complete freedom without breaking the bank or your van’s Axel
Use the Gearbox, use as overnight door lock or simply choose the correct centre case and built the complete lock that can use the existing handle and fit into existing keeps.
Double Glazing Repairs made easy by Northwest Hardware Saves carriage, saves time and saves you losing a job.

The Mila Old Style 2 Roller 2 Mushroom is a 3 piece repair lock which comes in a promotional display box at approximately metre long making it easy to store and to transport. It is ideal for trade counters as it will replace 90% of locks with a 92mm PZ size. The extensions can be cropped to fit into the existing door keep. Comes individually boxed, without keeps so that you can use the existing.

Technical Details:
Double Spindle
Centre Case: Latch/Deadbolt
Backset: 35mm 
Faceplate: 16mm 
PZ: 92/70

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