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GU Secury Automatic Lock for Timber & Composite Doors

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GU Secury Automatic Lock for Timber & Composite Doors 

Further information may be required by our sales team upon receiving your order.
This is a special order item - please note that it cannot be returned and it will need more time for delivery. 

This automatic locking system is designed for vertically installed doors, and can be used in entrance doors in private and public buildings. 

GU-SECURY Automatic provides automatic security: Simply close the door - without locking it, the door is multi-point locked with the automatic latch bolts throwing 20 mm.

The Automatic latchbolts are secured against being forced back.

From outside, the release of the door pulled shut is effected by a turn of the key, from inside via the lever handle.

GU-SECURY Automatic comes with all standard distances, backsets, faceplates and followers for timber, PVC, aluminium and steel doors.

Technical Details:
Faceplate: 20mm Radius Ends
PZ: 92mm
45mm Backset Version also works on 54-56mm doors

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