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Maco Trend Tilt & Turn Full System (Concealed Fix)

  • Product Code: MATRECONTBT

* Sash Rebate Width:


* Sash Rebate Height:


* Eurogroove:


* Handing:


* Quantity:


Maco Trend Tilt & Turn Full System (Concealed Fix)

Maco Full Tilt & Turn system, concealed fixed, for PVC, Aluminium and Timber windows with 9mm or 13mm Eurogroove Axis. 

Technical Details:
Max sash weight: 80Kg
Sash rebate width range (SRW): 395-1310mm
Sash rebate height range (SRH): 500-2350mm
Max SRH:SRW ratio: 1:1.5 

If you require a specific part of this system, please find the number on image 2 and follow the corresponding link below:

1. Top Corner Drive:

2. Bottom Corner Drive:

3. Pivot Rest:

4. Corner Support / Sash Hinge:

5. Invisible Scissor Stay Guide & Extension:
6. Invisible Scissor Stay Arm:

7. Horizontal Centre

8. 15mm BS Variable Handle Height Drive Gear:

9. Vertical Centre Lock:

10. TBT Striker:

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